NOTICE: I will be on annual leave from 13/08/2021 and return on 30/08/2021. I will respond to any phonecalls or emails during this time however, so please still get in touch. My main base is Newlands Physio Clinic , 18 Mochrum Road, G43 2QE or I can do home visits if that is more convenient. I am still providing virtual appointments via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. I continue to follow all the relevant guideance from Public Health Scotland to ensure your safety and confidence in my service. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment via or call 07476 904682/0141 5853707. I look forward to hearing from you.


" I wouldn't hesitate to return to Alison with any vestibular problems "

"I was in Glasgow for a week with a touring show. I had really awful labrynthitis and couldn't perform. I found Alison on the internet and she managed to schedule an emergency appointment for the next day. She was very professional, helpful and reassuring. She gave me exercises to help with the rehabilitation process which I am still doing every day and have found enormously helpful. She has also continued to support me via email which I have been grateful for. I wouldn't hesitate to return to Alison with any vestibular problems"

Katie ( Kent )

"I never thought I would get this well with just one visit and so fast"

Alison changed my life from the first visit, she was able to get me back to normal and feeling happy with life within 6 weeks. I never thought I would get this well with just one visit and so fast. I was pretty depressed and very under confident about life. Every day tasks felt hard and it was very upsetting. Within the first visit I felt confident she was going to get me better (with no drugs!!) and I felt she explained very clearly what was wrong with me and why these episodes were happening. I thought it would take longer to get better, but it was like magic how well I got and how fast. Thank you so much Alison for everything, and thanks for being there if an episode arises.

Belinda, Glasgow

Alison's treatment has been 100% effective

Alison provided a thorough assessment of my dizziness symptoms (BPPV). I had those symptoms on and off for a period of 10 years and for the past 6 months had not relieved. Alison provided physiotherapy manoeuveres known as Epley, and provided me with follow up advice. Alison's treatment has been 100% effective. I found Alison to be professional and very approachable, and I have already recommended her to a work colleague


I would highly recommend Alison

I would highly recommend Alison. Following a severe episode of BPPV, I lost my balance. I was rarely out and had not been driving for around twelve weeks. At a consultation with Alison, she suggested an exercise programme. I felt an immediate improvement by the following morning and was soon driving again. My recovery still continues

Roy ( Paisley )

Alison has helped me enormously. Thank you for your help, wisdom and insight into vestibular problems.

Alison has helped me enormously. I have been dealing with dizziness, headaches,suffering from bright lights and a rocking sensation for over a year! I had a long session with Alison and she 'listened' no judgement and gave me her expert opinion and knowledge. She especially helped by explaining that I cannot control dizziness, it is complex and therefore needs to be dealt with 'freely'. Before seeing Alison I was getting angry at myself for not being better...not getting over it and by trying desperately to be better I think it was making me worse! I've seen many experts over the past 12-18mths but never felt they actually listened to me and to the problem. They were focused on giving me medication which I did not want to take. Alison listened, gave me her opinion based on her vast knowledge of vestibular conditions and it has helped me no end. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you very much Alison for all your help, wisdom and insight.

Katie ( Glasgow )

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