NOTICE: I am pleased to announce that I am now able to offer face to face consultations from the week beginning 10th August. This can be either a home visit or at the two clinics I use at Westend Physio, 510 Crow Rd G13 1NU and Newlands Physio Clinic, 18 Mochrum Rd G43 2QE.
I am also going to continue offering virtual appointments via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp if that is more convenient for you at this time. I will be following all the relevant guidance from Public Health Scotland to ensure your safety and confidence in my service. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment via or call 07476 904682/0141 5853707. I look forward to hearing from you.


Due to lockdown it became a Skype session

I was due to have a one to one appointment with Alison to discuss my ongoing problem with vertigo/labyrinthitis, but due to lockdown it became a Skype session. It was new to both of us but certainly beneficial to me. Alison went through some exercises with me and suggested I may have vestibular decompensation. She gave me various balance exercises to perform on a daily basis. My balance is certainly much better and hopefully in the long run I will be able to minimise my vertigo episodes through the vestibular rehabilitation exercises.

Marie- Hamilton

%3F in less than 2 weeks I genuinely feel as if I have my life back and I am on the road to recovery %3F

I had many dizziness episodes over the years that came and went after an initial case of labyrinthitis. I never quite knew what was wrong. I had visited my GP and hospital several times when I had these episodes and always checked out okay. However, I knew it was real and physical and was not in my imagination. I had always been lucky to be a healthy and well person previously. The episodes and symptoms became more frequent and more intense and really affected my life and ability to function daily for the last couple of years. I was very lucky to have found Alison through a google search and set up an appointment via Skype. She very quickly identified and diagnosed my problem which to date in a seven year period no one had previously been able to do. After following her advice and rehabilitation plan, in less than 2 weeks I genuinely feel as if I have my life back and I am on the road to recovery. I am so grateful and blown away and I cannot recommend Alison enough, thanks again Alison.

Brian- Glasgow

If the labyrinthitis comes back , Alison will be the first person I call

" I had been suffering from Labyrinthitis for months before being referred to Alison.I immediately felt at ease with her approach and was able to continue the exercises she prescribed on my own. I was able to stop the medication which was making me feel even worse. Alison helped me to recover my balance and self-confidence. She even stayed in touch and coached me over the phone when necessary.If the labyrinthitis ever returns, she will be the first person I'll call."

Mrs M Harkness

"I would highly recommend Alison to anyone experiencing balance and dizziness problems.

"Excellent care, and expertise from Alison. She was able to reassure me and correctly diagnose the problem I was experiencing. She developed an effective program of exercises for me to follow, which has significantly improved my balance and gave me hope of recovery. I would highly recommend her to anyone with balance and dizziness problems."

Angela - Glasgow

without Alison's help I don't think my dizziness would have been cured

I had constant dizziness for a few months before I met Alison. Even after just a day of doing the simple exercises which she gave me, I noticed a huge improvement, and I am much better now.Alison is very thorough and committed. Without her help I don't think my dizziness would have been cured.

Fiona Osborne

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