NOTICE: I will be on annual leave from 13/08/2021 and return on 30/08/2021. I will respond to any phonecalls or emails during this time however, so please still get in touch. My main base is Newlands Physio Clinic , 18 Mochrum Road, G43 2QE or I can do home visits if that is more convenient. I am still providing virtual appointments via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. I continue to follow all the relevant guideance from Public Health Scotland to ensure your safety and confidence in my service. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment via or call 07476 904682/0141 5853707. I look forward to hearing from you.


For the first time in 4 years a Healthcare professional looked at mt Dad as whole person

You are never too old! At 89 years old and approaching his 90th birthday my Dad, Bill Reid, has struggled with vertigo/dizziness, falls and poor balance all leading to loss of confidence. From GP to audiology, elderly medicine, scans and other tests at no stage was he offered access to a physiotherapist. Whilst out one day he had a dizzy spell throwing him off balance and a member of the public approached him to offer some advice- vestibular physio. Dad visited his GP and she gave him Alisons card explaining it was private and not NHS. An appointment was made and for the first time in 4 years a healthcare professional looked at my Dad as a whole person. Tailored exercises followed along with the purchase of some Nordic walking sticks. My Dad finally had a purpose and some hope. Within days we could see the improvement and he is now out walking nearly every day. He has a spring in his step and we have Alison to thank for this. I am sorry my Dad couldn't access this through the NHS but it has been worth every penny. We requested a follow up appointment for Dad but he also has access to Alison via e mail. As a family we are all delighted to see our Dad improving and regaining his confidence. I imagine there are many people who would benefit from this service and would not hesitate to recommend Alison.

Bill Reid Inverclyde

" no hesitation recommending Alison as a go to specialist for anything balance related "

I contacted Alison in May 2019 and she was able to get see me quickly in order to start treating my balance episode. After a very thorough investigation (much more than my local GP) Alison diagnosed my condition and started treatment with a set of appropriate techniques. The outcome was very positive and the condition subsequently cleared up. Alison also gave me some strategies and exercises to limit the chances of the condition returning. A very professional and competent Specialist who really cares about getting to the nub of the problem, treating it and then providing after care service. No hesitation recommending Alison as a go to Specialist for anything balance related.

Andy Torrance

"my symptoms have disappeared"

Having suffered from Vestibular Migraines for several years I was referred to Alison by my consultant. Based on the advice and support provided by Alison my symptoms have all intents and purposes disappeared and general wellbeing is improving. By maintaining the exercises, and making small adjustments to my lifestyle, I have not had an episode of vestibular migraine in 9 months. Alison's approach and style is personable, professional and she is certainly extremely knowledgeable about this condition.

Caroline - Glasgow

If you suffer from any balance related issue I would strongly recommended seeing Alison. Improvements are achievable !!!!

Having received standard treatment/advice following a severe vertigo episode 5 yrs ago I went on to experience years of my head feeling funny/pressure in my ears always waiting to see if I would be dizzy or at worse the room was about to spin. I now realise I compensated by restricting movement of my entire body. Then Alison was recommended to me. Wow! At last I was sharing my experience with someone who fully understood what I was talking about. Alison is friendly, professional and so easy to talk to. She fully understood where I was on my journey and quickly identified how I could make improvements. Two sessions later my life is totally different. What a blessing to move around with confidence rather than with fear of what might happen. If you suffer from any balance related issue I would strongly recommended seeing Alison. Improvements are achievable !!!!

Jean Livingstone

Alison's responsive approach has given me back my confidence and I feel I can get my life back.

I saw Alison about a month after a minor head injury and the subsequent development of right BPPV which drastically reduced my usual confidence. The advice I received from the NHS was very limited . Fortunately I was aware of vestibular rehabilitation therapy and her website provided just the right amount of detail regarding her specialist professional credentials and the treatments she offered to satisfy me as an ex nurse practitioner. She was very capable and assured in her clinical assessment and adeptly created a tailored rehabilitation plan for me. She also showed an awareness of my fear of falling and loss of control. My dizziness has resolved significantly. Her responsive approach has given me back some of my previous confidence so that I now feel a lot less anxious about dealing with any future symptoms and feel that I can get my life back. I have already recommended her to a friend . Chris - Edinburgh - 12-03-2020

Chris- Edinburgh

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